About Monte Bello Pizzeria

Started in 1950 by the Petrillo's and bought in 1965 by the late Peggy Morgan and her late husband. We use the original recipes for the sauce, cheese, Homemade Italian sausage, and also for our famous Homemade Toasted Ravioli. We ARE St. Louis's oldest pizzeria.

We have been featured in numerous articles such as: St. Louis Magazine Feb 2016 issue as their 2nd favorite pizzeria in South St. Louis, Feb 2017 issue of Sauce Magazine as the OLDEST PIZZERIA in St. Louis, and in Oct 2017 issue of Feast magazine as their FEATURED and OLDEST Pizzeria in St. Louis!

Tonya and Denny Buechel along with their family are now running the pizzeria.

About Us

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At Monte Bello's we make pizza dough, ravioli filling and ravioli dough, meatballs, roquefort, sausage, shred our cheeses and special spices and our famous Marinara everyday!

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4.7 / 5 stars based on 200+ reviews

"My family has been eating Monte Bello's pizza for three generations. It will always be our favorite pizza. Always look forward to coming back home to eat at Monte Bello's. Highly recommend for anyone looking to try something new and locally owned."

- Tommy Steis

"This place is great little gem hidden away in a basement and has the best cornmeal crust pizza. My great aunt lived a block away from this place and my cousins worked there and now I hooked my boyfriend on this place. They make their own raviolis. You can't go wrong with this great pizza."

- Jenni Owens

"They have the best hand-made, homemade toasted ravioli. The pizza was perfection. Fries were delicious. The staff are all very polite and attentive to us. Sold me just on the Ravioli.. The place smells so yummy when you walk in. I'll definitely recommend Monte Belle and will return myself. Downright good food!"

- Lisa Wischet